Announcement regarding the publishing of the Annual financial report

April 28, 2020

In relation with the instructions of the Financial Supervision Commission, published on 27.03.2020, we hereby announce that regarding the declared State of Emergency with a Decision of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Law on Measures and Actions adopted during the State of Emergency, announced by a Decision of the National Assembly of March 13, 2020, promulgated in issue 28 of March 24, 2020 of the State Gazette, Monbat AD will publish the audited annual financial report as of 31.12.2019, on 15.05.2020.

The underlying reason for the delay is the introduced remote working mode and the constant exchange of e-correspondence between the financial department and the registered auditors regarding the clarification of individual items on the balance sheet of the Company, as well as additional information regarding the effects of COVID-19 on the company's activity.