The annual IR Awards honors Daniela Peeva as the best Investor relations manager in Bulgaria

December 09, 2019

On December 10th, 2019 economic group Monbat took part in the Annual IR Awards. During the gala event of the Association of the Bulgarian Investor Relations Directors - ABIRD, Daniela Peeva, IR director in Monbat, received the Best IR Director Award for 2019.

After receiving the award, Mrs. Peeva shares: Every one of the nominees could be in my place, every one of the attendees in the hall could in my position because we are equal, and we are equally well qualified and educated. For nearly 15 years we’ve been learning and developing together in order to enhance the quality of the profession. To expand your potential, you must have people who allow you to express yourself. Being that the case, I consider myself privileged, because the management that I work with supports my ideas and allows me to do my work in the best possible way. They also take into account my professional opinion.

Also, on a personal level, I have a person beside me who supports and encourages me to give my best in the “Investor relations” profession. I commit to the position with persistence, positive energy and self-discipline. “


Daniela Peeva, who, as of 2019, is a Chairperson of the National Committee on Corporate Governance, as well as represents Bulgaria in Brussels in High Level Forum on capital markets union, is nominated in all 5 categories for a second consecutive year.
The IR awards honor the best Investor relations directors and are being distributed after an independent survey among financial analysts, institutional and individual investors and other participants in the capital market.
In the previous editions of the IR Awards in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. Daniela Peeva in her capacity of the Investor Relations Director of Monbat, has won awards in the categories: Best communication with investors and stakeholders, Best IR director, Strategic development, Management and risk communications and best IR website.
Annually, investor relations managers, CFOs, media partners, financial sector representatives and representatives of the capital market participate in the event.