Arabesque ballet show for Dobrich Day - a gift from Start AD for citizens and guests of the city

September 25, 2018

Dobrich celebrates its holiday with a rich cultural program on the 25th of September 

In 2018 the town of Dobrich celebrates its anniversary and 78 years since the return of South Dobrudzha to Bulgaria. Traditionally, the feast began with a military ritual and a commemorial service to honor the memory of those who died in the name of the Freedom of South Dobrudja at the Military Cemetery Museum. The diverse holiday program with concerts with different themes and sports events throughout the day ended with a pop-rock concert "Hello, Dobrich" at Freedom Square. It included dancers and musicians from the city, Krisko and Damyan.

At the same time, in the Drama Theater "Yordan Yovkov" Ballet Arabesque presented selected pieces from its jubilee season - Nestinarka, Maternity, Duality, BLA, BL ... The program was specially selected for the holiday of Dobrich and included fragments of the brightest performances of the ballet. This spectacle is a gift for the citizens and guests of the city for the holiday, with a free entrance and was realized with the support of Start AD.