Business to the Rules with the support of Monbat Group

June 01, 2018

The Fifth Edition of the BICA Awards has provided inspirational examples of success in the fight against the underground economy in 2017

June 2018                  In June 2018 the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) presented its annual Business to the Rules Awards with the support of Monbat Economic Group. Restricting and preventing the grey economy in Bulgaria is only possible through the joint efforts of responsible businesses and institutions in the country. This is also is the basis for improving competitiveness, which is the leading motivation for support provided by Monbat. These awards are designed to highlight institutions and individuals who have made an active contribution towards curbing the grey economy and making the public progressively intolerant towards it.

The winners in the categories were selected by a jury of more than 100 distinguished celebrities. The National Council for Tripartite Cooperation took the award for a "Normative act or administrative practice that leads to curbing the grey economy and improving the business environment". The Association of Bulgarian Employers' Organizations received the award for

"the person or organisation that contributed to the limitation and prevention of the informal economy through an active stance".

The award for “the journalist or media contributing to making the public less tolerant towards the underground economy" was won by Bilyana Gavazova from BTV for her "Read the label" rubric.