Draw me ... Start Batteries

June 09, 2018

Children drawing contest at a workplace by staff description

June, 09th, 2018, Dobrich, Bulgaria                  On the occasion of the International Day of the Child June 1st Start Batteries organizes the project "Draw me ... a factory!" for the employees of the company and their children. The goal is a fun and accessible way for children to find out what their parents are doing ay work in their own stories and to visualize the idea of the employees themselves for their workplace.

The project includes a children's drawing contest "Mom / Dad at Work", a games and prizes festival, and a joint participation in the workshops of the Children's Fair in the city. At the core of the competition is the idea of dialogue between employees and their children on important topics such as the importance of work, how they perceive their work, and Start Batteries as a job.

The competition was attended by children of different ages, the common among the works being the smiling faces of the drawings.

Александър Павлов
Джулияна Тончева
Теодора Радева
Тереза Мирославова