Georgian automotive professionals meet the Monbat solutions at Tegeta Motors Batumi Expo

July 30, 2019

Monbat starter batteries solutions charm the Georgian automotive market at the pioneering industry event in the region – Tegeta Motors Batumi Expo and regional showroom opening.

Tegeta Motors is the leader in the automotive industry in the country. For the first time in the recent years, the company will offer Georgian automotive professionals the exclusive opportunity to meet and find out more about the solutions of globally renowned manufacturers during the Tegeta Motors Batumi Expo.

The event covers a number of categories, including Automotive Expo for Passenger Cars, Porsche, Toyota, Mazda and Volvo, and Automotive Products and Service Expo for Rental Cars, Heavy Equipment and Commercial Vehicles, where visitors will be able to see the rich portfolio of Monbat’s Starter Batteries.

The Expo is part of the celebratory event of the opening of Tegeta’s largest and state-of-the-art showroom in Batumi.