Insider information

January 07, 2014

We would like to present hereby the following inside information related to Monbat Plc:

1. Monbat AD and Start AD won Projects under the Procedure BG161PO003-1.1.04 "Support for commercialization of innovative products, processes and providing innovative services", Operational Programme "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy" in the total amount of BGN 8 300 443. The granted financing under the Procedure of the two projects is in the total amount of BGN 4 158721.

2. Monbat AD signed a deposit contract with Prista Oil Holding EAD under the conditions of Art. 114, para. 9, item 3 of the LPOS with the following parameters of the contract:

  • Amount of the deposit: BGN 6 000 000; 
  • Term of the deposit: 6 (six) months with a provision for extension under the initially agreed conditions in the event that the deposit contract is not terminated; 
  • Interest rate: in the amount of 6 % annually for the term of the deposit; 
  • The conditions of the deposit are not less favorable than the market conditions in the country.

3. During the buy back program of company’s own shares (treasury shares) held within the period 2008 – 20013 Monbat AD has bought back 2 863 635 company’s own shares (treasury shares) at the average price of BGN 5.80 per share. In 2013, 2 863 635 treasury shares were sold at the average price of 6.21 per share.

contact for investors
Daniela Peeva
Investor Relations Director
tel. +359 2 988 2413