Interest payment on an issue of bonds, ISIN code BG2100023170, issued by “Monbat” AD

July 17, 2018

On the grounds of article 100ц, paragraph 2, item 1, in conjunction with paragraph 3 of the Public Offering of Securities Act, we hereby inform you that 20.07.2018 is the date of a first interest payment on a bond issue, issued by “Monbat” AD, ISIN code BG2100023170.

In compliance with the requirements of article 96 of the Rules for the operation of “Central Depository: AD, the interest payment on the bond issue shall be performed through the system of “Central Depository” AD.  

The holders of bonds registered as such in the bondholders’ record, issued by “Central Depository” AD three days prior to the date of payment – 17.07.2018, shall have the right to receive the interest payment.

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