Investor and Media Day

Large investment projects, market expansion and diversity of the product range will drive the development of the economic group Monbat.

On 27.09.2017, at a media meeting in Grand Hotel Sofia Atanas Bobokov, Chief Executive Officer, and Peter Bozadjiev, Executive Director, reveal more about the development of the economic group. Among the key advantages that are driving the developments of the group are:

  • Vertical integration driving strong operational performance 
  • successful combination of the on-going quality improvement 
  • active acquisitions 
  • strategic investment planning.

“In the next five years we expect additional positive development of the Monbat business, that is coming from natural growth, scale up of the business and diversification – niche diversification in the Recylcing division and focused product diversification with lithium-ion high power batteries and systems” Atanas Bobokov, Chief Executive Director

The management of the economic group explained the current activities and status-quo of the three big acquisition projects in this year:

  • the Tunisian based ASSAD, vertically integrated group for manufacturing of lead-acid batteries, operating in North Africa 
  • the acquisition of Piombifera Italiana – one of the three biggest recycling companies in Italy. 
  • the two German companies acquired in June this year: GAIA Akkumulatorenwerke GmbH (“GAIA”), one of the leading German companies for lithium-ion technology and EAS Germany GmbH (“EAS”) were augmented in the structure of EAS Batteries GmbH.
Atanas Bobokov
Peter Bozadjiev
Atanas Bobokov
Media Day