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November 30, 2018

The Seventh Edition of the International Forum with the Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations Director of Monbat

The seventh annual edition of the Investor Finance Forum convened Bulgarian and foreign professionals from the financial, capital and currency markets. Participants shared their views on the most recent trends in the world of capital investment and analyzed global events that will come to define investors’ behavior.

Among the most important topics discussed were MiFID II, the new financial regulations and their importance for the market, as well as macroeconomic trends, and the likely locations of the most successful investments in the future. According to experts, complex financial regulations rather overwhelm the present Bulgarian reality because they are tailored to large subjects and Bulgaria is a case apart. However, there is no way to overcome this and be successful in the current environment.

Daniela Peeva, in her capacity as Chairman of the Investor Relations Directors Association, said that the new rules, such as MiFID II and GDPR, had led to a decimation in the number of Bulgarian companies using analysis - from 300-400 to 30-40.

"The regulations must correspond to the degree of maturity of the relevant market. For the sake of comparison, about 80% of companies have seen an increased burden of work falling on the shoulders of Investor Relations Directors over the past year," Peeva stressed.

Brexit will have a huge impact on financial markets and may lead to a change in the new Markets in Financial Markets Directive, according to experts, and we can see major changes to MiFID II.

According to public company participants in the capital markets’ discussion, investors need to put more effort into analyzing companies and companies - to furnish them with more data and communication.

Daniela Peeva, Monbat's Investor Relations Director, said that for Bulgarian companies with mainly Bulgarian investors, instead of a conference call, it is easier to make a live investor day.
Asked by whether public companies in Bulgaria should have a leader who acts as the public face in front of the public like - as is the case with the Western giants - Viktor Spiriev, Finance Director of Monbat, said that it is important for the company to have a good team and there is currently a prominent leader in the form of the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Atanas Bobokov.

It is not always clear whether investors understand the processes behind profits or whether the absence of questions reveals a lack of more detailed knowledge, according to Spiriev.

"Awareness is a two-way process and investors and companies need to make more efforts, even though Monbat is probably the company with the greatest transparency in the business," said Spiriev.

Photos: Investor Media Group. 

Снимка: Станислав Стоянов, Investor Media Group.
Снимка: Станислав Стоянов, Investor Media Group.
Снимка: Станислав Стоянов, Investor Media Group.