Monbat AD accepted as full-fledged member of the European Battery Alliance (EBA)

July 20, 2021

The largest Bulgarian producer of starter and industrial batteries Monbat AD is now member of the European Battery Alliance (EBA) – initiative by the whole production sector in EU, founded by the European Commission in 2017, supporting the innovative solutions and encouraging the production facilities in Europe. The initiative is managed by EIT InnoEnergy – innovative company, operating in the field of sustainable energy solutions.

Monbat is also the fourth largest (in terms of production volume and sales) producer of lead-acid batteries in Europe and owner of EAS Batteries – one of the two operative manufacturers of lithium-ion battery systems in Europe, based in Nordhausen, Germany. The main lines of cooperation with EBA are expected to be further development of lead-acid battery technology, application of vanguard nano-technologies improving exploitation characteristics and prolonging battery life-cycle, as well as creating optimal environment for competitive manufacturing of lithium-ion battery systems for various transportation and industry purposes.

EBA is cooperation platform among all stakeholders, participating in the battery production value chain. The network includes the European Commission, EU member states, the European Investment Bank and more than 600 industrial, innovation and academia stakeholders. The objective is to build a strong pan-European battery industry able to help Europe capture a growing global market worth 250B€/year from 2025.

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