Monbat Economic Group opens a modern laboratory for batteries’ testing – MGLab

February 09, 2021

We are proud to announce that Monbat Economic Group has established the first accredited battery testing laboratory in Bulgaria – MGLab. The laboratory is accredited by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service and is supplied with the necessary calibrated equipment. The scope of accreditation includes testing of lead acid starter and stationary batteries, secondary cells and batteries for renewable energy sources, as well as deep cycle batteries and valve regulated batteries. 

Monbat’s success is a result of the project team’ hard work, strong efforts and consistency. The competence of the laboratory staff is covered by strictly defined requirements, which are being evaluated and verified annually by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service. The laboratory workers obtain their qualification via the necessary and relevant trainings.

Mariyan Terziyski, Director of Quality Assurance Department, comments: The accreditation of our laboratory is yet another proof for the constant and sustainable development of the Group. The support from the management, the highly qualified specialists and modern equipment, as well as compliance with the standard of competence of laboratories BDS EN ISO/ IEC 17025: 20018 guarantees the reliability of the tests’ results. We hope that the laboratory will significantly contribute to the progress of the research and development activities in the Group.