Monbat PLC Serbia presents its good practices at LORIST fair

October 02, 2019

Monbat PLC Serbia was invited by the Provincial Secretariat to participate in the Fair LORIST in Novi Sad, Serbia, on October 3rd. The company, part of Monbat Group, reveals its waste management system as not only a benchmark but also good practice.


This is the biggest confirmation of our work. Our enterprise focuses on using waste as a resource, as well as developing effective ways to improve waste management in the facility. This is a matter of high importance and its significance increases year after year ,says Ana Milenkovic, Head of the Waste Management Department at Monbat PLC Serbia.


The fair has a long tradition of bringing together different industries: hunting and fishing, ecology, tourism and sport. More than 500 exhibitors take part every year, and ecology becomes more and more important as a part of LORIST. This year’s gathering was attended by representatives of local authorities and medical institutions from AP Vojvodina as well.