Monbat presents its bipolar batteries’ solutions at the 10th Annual Conference of the Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd (NiBS)

November 05, 2019 to November 06, 2019

Monbat Economic Group is taking part in the 10th Annual Conference of the Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd (NiBS). The conference takes place on November 6-7 in the United Kingdom. The forum gathers suppliers and clients as well as producers of different types of batteries. The main focus of the event is on lectures and seminars in the field of batteries’ production, new technologies and innovations. Experts discuss matters concerning modern technologies and the newest trends in batteries’ business development.

Mr. Plamen Nikolov, Research and Development Expert at Monbat, participates as lector, explaining the advantages of bipolar batteries - the most recent products that the economic group intends to produce.

Monbat is fully licensed to produce bipolar batteries, says Mr. Nikolov. These batteries’ key characteristics include innovative architecture of construction, improved resistance against cyclic loading and long service life. They charge quickly and are 100% recyclable.
During the conference the economic group showcases its portfolio of stationary batteries, which includes different variations of UPS batteries for the telecom industry, IT servers, etc.

Gatherings such as the Tenth Annual Conference of NiBS are of utmost importance in terms of exchanging knowledge, experience and maintaining key business relations. They also contribute to the technological progress of the industry, comments Bozhidar Nekeziev, Sales Director Stationary Batteries at Monbat.