Monbat with TRUE LEADERS award

December 04, 2018

For the sixth consecutive year, ICAP Bulgaria awarded Bulgarian companies, leaders in its economic sector

 he sixth annual award ceremony TRUE LEADERS of ICAP Bulgaria took place on December 4, 2018, in Rainbow Plaza, Sofia. The initiative features companies that are leaders in the business sector in which they operate, according to several objective criteria: the most profitable companies in EBITDA for the previous year, increased headcount and higher credit score (ICAP Credit Score B2 - A1).

The prize for Monbat was received by Vanya Babanin, PhD, Global Director Marketing & Communications for the group, who said "I was honoured to receive the ICAP #TrueLeader award as a recognition of the achievements of the entire Monbat Group which continues to provide value for its clients every day.”

The official ceremony was held before more than 250 representatives of senior management of leading Bulgarian and international companies, as well as representatives of chambers of commerce and branch organizations. Initiator of initiative ICAP Bulgaria is part of ICAP Group - the largest Business Information Services Group in Southeast Europe.