THE NEXT BIG THING 2018 - leading change

October 16, 2018

What is next to the great thing in the world? Answers to this question by leading global financiers, business executives and futurologists supported Monbat.

 The NEXT BIG THING Conference of Bloomberg Business Television was held for the third consecutive year with the participation of leading analysts, experts and journalists. The significant trends in the world and Bulgarian economies, under the influence of the digital revolution, were discussed. Changed communications and the globalization of everyday life, increased expectations for both politicians and business. Only possible business response - investments in modernization and innovations in both the core business and overall rethinking of business models. Changes are already happening for weeks and months, not years. In every sphere.

Global economic and political events also affect the business environment. We are witnessing the development of the all-new business model of the shared economy, the market is increasingly embedded in various regulations, such as the GDPR, a possible trade war. The geopolitical situation, BREXIT and others. political phenomena add interesting touches to the future of the global economy and the individual industries.

The development of green transport, the Internet of medical technology, personalized medicine, abandoning traditional energy sources and revolutionary change in energy technology are expected. Companies are actively preparing for this different future.

Among the participants were Marcus Ashward, Bloomberg Columnist, Tony Du Pre, Chief Investment Officer of Amundi Prague, Ray Hammond, Futurist, Julian Lee, Bloomberg oil strategist and other leading specialists. See more of: