At a glance

As one of the leading European batteries' producers, the economic group operates under two main business segments - Lead-Acid batteries and Li-Ion high-power solutions.


For Q1 2023, the group generated (EUR '000)

REVENUE from continuing operations

53 575

10.8% YTD-t-YTD

NORMALIZED EBITDA from continuing operations

4 438

(29.51%) YTD-t-YTD

PROFIT BEFORE TAX from continuing operations

1 187

(71.41)% YTD-t-YTD

Corporate video

Corporate video


The lead-acid business

The lead-acid business is a vertically integrated business model with operating production and recycling facilities in Bulgaria (Monbat AD and Start AD) and recycling plants in Romania, Serbia and Italy. This structure insulates the group from raw material price volatility and enables it to achieve higher operating margins compared to peers.

The lithium-Ion business

The lithium-Ion business under the brand EAS Batteries, based in Germany, is a new market presence in the high-power battery systems' solutions, based on safe and proven LFP cell chemistry. This technology can address many niche high power applications and meet the very high requirements for reliability and safety, which many applications demand in areas such as aerospace, defence, marine and public transportation.

Recycled industrial materials

Monbat Recycling came about when a business realignment shaped the division into а clearly separate structure. Enabling very efficient vertical integration in the lead-acid business segment, the Recycling has turned into an innovative provider of Lead and Lead Alloys as well as Regranulated Polypropylene. The division has facilities in Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and Italy with total capacity amounting to
158 000 tonnes of used lead-acid batteries per annum.


Business Entities and Main Activities

Worldwide presence

Worldwide presence

With worldwide presence in over 70 countries and more than 20 different applications and industries, Monbat is among the strongest economic groups in the country. It is listed on the Premium Equities Segment of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia with market capitalization of 92.1 M EUR (as at December 30th 2022).