Group Strategy

The Group is aiming to sustain its growth rate over the coming 5-year horizon by continuing to invest, to diversify into its three core business domains and to adopt new technologies

strategic plan 2017-2021
lead-acid battery
recycled industrial materials (non-ferrous)

Organic Growth

  • Market expansion  
  • Hybrid ‘go-to-market approach’
  • Staged capacity extension 

Accelerated Organic Growth

  • Sustaining and enlarging the parity of scrap batteries 
  • Group synergy effects on margin and multiplier level 
  • Accelerated penetration in strategic markets such as Africa 
  • Acquisition of recycling target in Italy

Niche Diversification- Recycling

Extend the revenue/margin stream by

  • Complementary recycling process of tin and antimony 
  • Introducing break-through option for recycling of separator

Focus Diversification – Lithium-ion

  • Introduce premium HP cell capabilities 
  • Introduce modular-based battery assembly 
  • Match the high demand/requirements in premium segments
  • Scale up mass production on a strong base – secured technology leadership and penetrated market segments 
Margin gains
Margin gains

Lithium-ion focused differentiation

  • New generation of lithium-ion LFP cells enabling outstanding performance 
  • Phased product development and commercialisation for High Power solutions

Recycling Niche Diversification

  • Critical mass of resource availability to support sizable tin and antimony output production

Accelerated Organic Growth

  • Further group synergies on recycling, sourcing and material flows 
  • Enriched battery production portfolio 
  • Further plant specialization and better utilization 
  • Immediate outreach to new markets in Asia 

Organic Growth

  • Target direct CoGS due to vertical integration 
  • Target full CoGS due to lean manufacturing 
  • Strong operational leverage due to lean OPEX 
  • Increasing volumes through breaking into multiple markets & extending and enlarging our client base
Competitive edge
  • Vertical integration, which allows natural hedging to fluctuation of LME lead price 
  • Capability to re-align the group's activities in the event of abrupt shifts of the LME lead price curves
  • Technological advancement 
  • Innovation in some areas of recycling (e.g. separator)
  • Systems and batteries built on a modularity principle
  • Leading edge high power cylindrical LFP cells
  • Balance between mass production of cells and multiple application/products choice
strategic plan 2017-2021