Start, a Monbat Group product brand, is presented in the Maldives

September 13, 2019

The distributor, Marine Power Maldives, celebrated the partnership with a high-class event

Monbat Group widens its business opportunities with an important collaboration with one of the leading companies in the marine industry in the Maldives - Marine Power Maldives. Lazar Stoychev, Export Sales Manager, presents the brand START Batteries and the key advantages of the customized products, during the official launch ceremony of the Start brand in the Maldives.

“We are among the leading battery manufacturers. To keep it this way, we constantly develop our facilities and production further and invest in recycling technologies. The vertical integration of the lead-acid business segment brings not only better financial performance but is truly important for sustainability as a whole - a topic that is also of special significance for our local partners.”