Unforeseen Delay to the Audit of the Standalone Annual Financial Statements

April 01, 2013

Due to unforeseen delays related to the completion of the annual audit of the standalone financial statements of Monbat AD by our certified external group auditor, appointed by the general assembly, and the impossibility to comply with the filing deadline.

The corporate board of the company will present the audited annual financial statements of Monbat AD immediately after the sign-off by our certified external group auditor but in any event, not later than April 8th, 2013.
The corporate board of Monbat AD would like to express its belief that investors and all of the institutions on the capital market will show understanding in view of the fact that the company has repeatedly proven its responsibility towards investors and has consistently applied a transparent policy in its relations with all participants on the capital market.

contact for investors
Daniela Peeva
Investor Relations Director
tel. +359 2 988 2413
e-mail: investorrelations@monbat.com