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Monbat Group provides a wide range of battery products and solutions for a variety of end-market applications

Public Transportation
Public Transportation
Renewable sources
Renewable sources


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The lead acid battery business focuses on the production of lead-acid automotive and stationary batteries and their servicing. The products in this segment can be divided into the following main groups:

  • starter batteries
  • stationary batteries
  • deep cycle batteries
  • special batteries
  • locomotives batteries
  • leisure batteries


RECYCLING contacts

The division operates in recycling and trading activities of

  • lead acid scrap batteries
  • lead alloys
  • polyethylene and polypropylene materials

Recycling facilities are located in Bulgaria as well as in Italy, Romania and Serbia.



The lithium-Ion business segment operates under the EAS brand and provides cells and systems based on safe and proven LFP chemistry. The adopted cylindrical cells technology and the modular-based packing approach of the battery and systems allows EAS to maintain its attractive product range of High Power (HP) batteries for selected industries such as:

  • public transport
  • commercial fleet
  • construction machines
  • marine
  • harbour
  • and airport operations

Acknowledgement and Memberships


Monbat is an active member of:

Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA)

BICA is the most extensively represented organization of Bulgarian employers with a network of regional chambers in 171 municipalities in the country. As one of the best public listed companies, Monbat is dedicated – just like BICA – to the creation of a favorable economic, cultural and public environment for the local and foreign capital as well as to attracting foreign investment to the country, and improving the standards of information disclosure intended for investors. Furthermore, the company strives to attract foreign investments to the country, improving the standards of information disclosure intended for investors – a goal BICA also strives to achieve together with members’ best practices, sharing and encouraging corporate social responsibility.

International Lead Association (ILA)

ILA is a global trade association dedicated exclusively to representing lead producers and supporting a sustainable future for lead.

European Battery Alliance (EBA)

European Battery Alliance (EBA) is cooperation platform among all stakeholders, participating in the battery production value chain. The network includes the European Commission, EU member states, the European Investment Bank and more than 600 industrial, innovation and academia stakeholders. The objective is to build a strong pan-European battery industry able to help Europe capture a growing global market worth 250B€/year from 2025.

Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI)

Monbat marks a strong start in 2022, joining the network of Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) – an international sectoral organization, uniting 100+ leading companies and research organisations, proactively working on applying state-of-the-art technologies in the field of lead batteries. Main priority in the cooperation will be development of the bipolar technology and further improvement of the battery energy storage systems (BESS).

Cluster Mechatronics and automation

Monbat AD is a member of the Cluster of Mechatronics and Automation, which was established to share common resources and academic contribution so as to increase competitiveness in the field of mechanics, electronics and informatics. Through further integration of the research, production and export opportunities of the cluster members, new market niches will be sought in order to realize high-tech products with high added value.

German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DBIHK)

The German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DBIHK) is the first and main partner for representatives of the German economy in Bulgaria. The chamber creates a platform of contacts, partnerships and exchanges between Bulgarian and German companies. With its Lithium-Ion business based in Germany, Monbat is dedicated to participating in the further development of exchanging knowledge and experience between the two countries.


2021True Leader 2021 AwardICAP Bulgaria
2021Top 10 Energy Solution providers 2021Top Energy Storage Systems
2020Award for the best IR websiteABIRD
2020Second Prize in category Green Investmentb2b Media  “The Greenest Companies in Bulgaria” 10th Jubilee Awards
2019True Leader 2018 AwardICAP Bulgaria
2019Award for the best IR DirectorABIRD
2019Honorary award for distinguished contribution and support for SEEMFThe Southeast European Medical Forum Awards
2019First place award in the “Business Leader of the year” categoryb2b Media Annual Awards
2019First place award in “Visionary Investor” categoryb2b Media Annual Awards
2019Second place award for Innovative Projectb2b Media Annual Awards
2019Second place award in the “Quality” categoryFifth Jubilee Awards “CEIBG – Quality, Growth, Innovations from Bulgaria”
2018True Leader 2017 Award ICAP Bulgaria
2018Award for the best IR websiteABIRD
2018First place in category Liquidity and riskCFO of the Year, EY Bulgaria
2018Second place in the category Dynamic developmentb2b media Annual Awards
2018First place in the category Deal of the Year 2017b2b media Annual Awards
2018Awards for crisis communications with the project Monbat Issue ManagementPR Prize, BPRO
2018First place in Image-making category with the Rebranding projectPR Prize, BPRO
2017Award for Best strategic development, management and risk communicationsABIRD
2017Award for Best Bulgarian company in the category Mid-size and large company Best Bulgarian company contestFIB
2016Award for the best communications with investors and stakeholdersABIRD
2015Award for the best IR DirectorABIRD
2015True Leader 2014 AwardICAP Bulgaria
2014Award for the Best Corporate GovernanceRanking Capital K50
2013Award for the Best Corporate GovernanceRanking Capital K50
2013National Award – “Employer of the Year” – 3rd PlaceEmployment agency, Ministry of labour and social policy
2012Award for the Best Corporate GovernanceRanking Capital K50
2011Award for the Best Corporate GovernanceRanking Dnevnik 100
2011Award of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange the best listed companyRanking Dnevnik 100
2010Award for the Best Corporate GovernanceRanking Dnevnik 100
2010Award for the best IR DirectorABIRD
2009Award for the Best Corporate GovernanceRanking Dnevnik 100
2008Award for Innovative CSR PolicyTriton Group
2008Award for the Best Corporate GovernanceRanking Dnevnik 100
2006Monbat is named SUPERBRAND on the Bulgarian marketSUPERBRAND Bulgaria