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Monbat Group provides a wide range of battery products and solutions for a variety of end-market applications

Public Transportation
Public Transportation
Renewable sources
Renewable sources


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The lead acid battery business focuses on the production of lead-acid automotive and stationary batteries and their servicing. The products in this segment can be divided into the following main groups:

  • starter batteries
  • stationary batteries
  • deep cycle batteries
  • special batteries
  • locomotives batteries
  • leisure batteries


RECYCLING contacts

The division operates in recycling and trading activities of

  • lead acid scrap batteries
  • lead alloys
  • polyethylene and polypropylene materials

Recycling facilities are located in Bulgaria as well as in Italy, Romania and Serbia.



The lithium-Ion business segment operates under the EAS brand and provides cells and systems based on safe and proven LFP chemistry. The adopted cylindrical cells technology and the modular-based packing approach of the battery and systems allows EAS to maintain its attractive product range of High Power (HP) batteries for selected industries such as:

  • public transport
  • commercial fleet
  • construction machines
  • marine
  • harbour
  • and airport operations

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Monbat actively participates in and supports various Corporate Social Responsibility Programs.

Cultural Identity

Monbat actively supports Bulgaria’s cultural heritage as part of the group’s cultural identity. Traditional local values such as respectful treatment of all peoples, religions and faiths, as well as an acceptance of our responsibility to promote honorable intentions and actions, are all recognized as underlying pillars of modern business at Monbat.

Some of the projects are designed to uphold its moral and financial support to the Bulgarian Communities abroad and to the Christian Sanctuaries.

Monbat has lent its moral and financial support to the Christian center for underprivileged citizens at Uspenie Bogorodichno Monastery in Kurdzhali. Monbat has also donated to the Bulgarian church in the town of Vidin, and the Vsiah Svetih (All Saints) church in Rousse.

In 2017 Monbat decided to reconstruct the heating installation at Zograf Monastery. It was founded in the late 9th or early 10th century and remains the only Bulgarian monastery on Mount Athos (the “Holy Mountain”) in Greece.

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Monbat donated a monument of St. St. Cyril and Methodius from the Bulgarian Community to Odessa, Ukraine. The sculpture, made by Valentin Vassilev, will stand in front of the humanitarian corps of the Odessa National University, which is a cultural and spiritual center for the Bulgarian community in Ukraine. The Odessa University celebrates the lives of prominent Bulgarian renaissance figures and authors such as Hristo Botev, Ivan Vazov, Aleko Konstantinov and Lyuben Karavelov.


Monbat encourages the discovery and development of different talents and supports initiatives in cultural and scientific spheres that provoke and stimulate creative potential.

Monbat’s program “Wonderful Northwest” supports various cultural and scientific initiatives, promoting the traditions and achievements of Northwestern Bulgaria. All Monbat initiatives, included in the “Wonderful Northwest” program, aim to continue uniting those young Bulgarians who love their national culture, so enabling them to reach their full potential.

This program has also supported publication of the first “Bibliography” of the famous Bulgarian author Yordan Radichkov, as well as his works and interviews. It has also helped to fund the publication of a book of essay winners throughout the years.

This dates back to 2008 when Monbat launched its annual essay competition for schoolchildren in Radichkov’s memory. Schoolchildren are required to write essays on various themes present in Radichkov’s work. Its 2008 theme is entitled “Better to drown in the ocean, than on the shore”.

The competition is open to all schoolchildren, aged 15-19, from all over Bulgaria. The best essays are selected by a jury, consisting of prominent Bulgarian academics, journalists and public figures. The winners are honored at a special ceremony at Sofia University. The CEO of Monbat, Mr. Atanas Bobokov, attends all editions of the competition and personally congratulates the winners.

MagnifiA – this is a contemporary performance of the Cirque School in the National Palace of Children, which is blending the circus and performing arts into one. This show was created for the 20th Anniversary of the Cirque School and was also the first project under the initiated programme “Aim High”.

The programme aims to bring on board project-based talented Bulgarian art professionals, who work together with the children to create a strong artistic product. MagnifiA was recognized as a breakthrough format and won the national IKAR award 2015 in the category “Cirque Art”.

media coverage (available in Bulgarian only)

In 2016, Monbat lent its financial support to the “Queen of Spades” theatrical production, directed by Bulgarian award-winning artist Veselka Kuncheva. The play was inspired by Alexander Pushkin’s famous novel “Queen of Spades”, written in 1834, and one of its main themes – the love of gambling.
The first performance was staged by the National Puppet Theater in Plovdiv.
In 2017, the play won Ms. Kuncheva the most prestigious art award in Bulgaria – “Askeer” for best direction. Monbat lent its full financial support to the production, underlining its commitment to supporting innovative art projects.

media coverage (available in Bulgarian only)

YouTube trailer

Local Communities

For Monbat, success is not only about achieving business goals; it also greatly values the prosperity of all stakeholders and local communities. The group initiates and supports projects in all regions in which it operates, in a continuous dialogue with people, municipalities and various organizations working for the development of their communities.

Monbat supported the “Art is …” festival in Montana, which highlighted the campaign against abuse of children. At the concert, as part of the festival, rock-star Roni Romero, former vocalist of the Rainbow and the Lords of Black groups, performed for the first time in Bulgaria. Apart from Romero, the Bulgarian rock band Eridan and The A.X.E. Project – one of the most successful symphonic metal bands in Bulgaria – also were in the line-up. Youth rock bands from the region took part in the warm-up. During breaks between performances, famous Bulgarian and foreign artists and musicians, including Joanna Bukovska, Johnny Gioeli and Alexander Atanasov, addressed audiences on this important issue that should not be hidden. Roni Romero visited the Day Care Center for Children and Young People with Disabilities in Montana along with the city mayor and revealed more about his life in his homeland Chile and about his great dream of becoming a vocalist in a rock band. He advised children and youngsters to follow their dreams. The concert was free to all rock fans thanks to the sponsorship of Monbat and other companies supporting art with a cause. Monbat started supporting the festival “Art is…” in 2012. The festival is organized by Art E Foundation and Nelian Nikolova. Its purpose is to support the development of cultural life and provide talented youngsters with the opportunity to encounter various artistic spheres. It is also designed to educate young people in basic human values and cultivate their appreciation of the arts. So far, the event has convened various Bulgarian artists and performers. These include classical music orchestras, jazz formations and celebrated Bulgarian pop and rock singers, as well as a number of international guests. Attendees at previous festivals have included internationally renowned artists and groups such as Joe Lynn Turner (ex- Deep Purple), Johnny Gioeli (Axel Rudi Pell and Hardline) and Eridan, etc

YouTube trailer
official video trailer from Eridan performance at the festival in 2017
Facebook page of the 2017 edition
media coverage (available in Bulgarian only)

The support of the general sponsorship of the multifunctional sports hall in Rousse will help to develop sport and culture and to keep young people in the city.

Rebranded under its new name in 2018, the hall in the Danubian town hosts part of the 2018 World Volleyball Championship matches, the Danube Pearl Gymnastics Festival, the Open World Championship and the National Tournament of Sports Dances. Among the cultural events are the concert of Vasko Vassilev, a charity concert in memory of journalist Victoria Marinova and other events in the field of art.

The hall has established itself as an attractive center for cultural and sports activities for the region of North-East Bulgaria.

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Monbat Group provides its employees with the opportunity to visit all theatrical performances in the Drama Theater “Dragomir Asenov” in Montana, by buying tickets for every show. That way the staff from the economic group can participate actively in the city’s cultural life. What’s more, with its contribution Monbat supports local Bulgarian artists and the development of the cultural community.

In line with its policy of preserving traditional cultural values and the development of the regions in which it operates, Monbat supports and cooperates with local communities. Start AD supports the development of educational, cultural and sports life in the municipality of Dobrich.

In 2018 residents and guests of the city had the opportunity to enjoy the art of ballet at the Arabesque gala-spot on the occasion of the Day of Dobrich.

Charity Christmas concert at the Art School St. Kliment Ohridski was held with the support of Start AD.

Health and Sport

Monbat partners various organizations to implement sports initiatives and programs , aimed at developing diverse sports and sport culture among children and young people.

Monbat partners with the Bulgarian Tennis Federation for the development of the professional sport in Bulgaria. Special events and training sessions are organised to improve players’ skills and raise standards in the sport, one that has proved highly successful in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian tennis federation page

As part of its commitment to Bulgarian tennis, Monbat also supports 16-year- old Samuil Konov who, in 2018, is 32nd in the national ranking and 786th in the world ranking. He finds most of his peers in the ITF tournaments and is ranked 779. He participates in ITF tournaments in the third category, with no qualificat ons, as he directly enters as an unseeded player. In competitions Samuil Konov faces tennis players in the top 400 and top 200 at ITP, who are far more experienced.

Monbat is among partners of Sofia Open 2019. The fourth edition of the ATP 250 Sofia Open series was the most prestigious tennis tournament viewed by Bulgarian audiences to date, featuring as it did six players from the top 30 in the world rankings and the prize pool of 524,340 euros. The third seed, Daniil Medvedev emerged as champion, defeated Márton Fucsovics (Hungary) with 2:0 sets in a match lasting 81 minutes. Sofia Open has an excellent reputation amongst contestants and managers and this year’s edition was broadcast in more than 100 countries. The tournament’s reputation is growing thanks to the strong support of the Bulgarian public and its sponsors and partners.

Monbat has invested in Bulgarian sports by supporting the 38th Rally Sliven – a race that marks the fourth round of the FIA Balkan Rally Trophy and the second round of the National Rally Championship. The desire to transform the nature of modern business and society also convinced the economic group to lend its name to the race competition in 2018 – Monbat Rally Sliven. The initiative is important for the whole region and the support of the company illustrates its commitment to Bulgarian sport.

The 2018 competition included 15 foreign teams from 11 nationalities. Monbat Rally Sliven ended with a resounding victory by the Megaport Racing Team of Miroslav Angelov and Nedyalko Sivov (Skoda Fabia R5), The prize for first place was awarded by Villi Kamenov, commercial director of Starter Batteries of the Monbat Economic coverage (available in Bulgarian only)

Monbat supported as a general sponsor the 10th Beach Football Tournament for Children and Young People born between 2003 and 2005. The tournament is designed to successfully socially integrate
children from various social groups through participation in team sports.

The cup was won by the Ruse team. The competition was attended by 80 participants, assembled in 8 teams from all over the country. Professional judges guaranteed the impartiality of the results thanks to a partnership with a representative from the Beach Soccer Committee, part of the BFU (Bulgarian Football Union).

The Bulgarian Association of Beach Sports has been organizing the tournament since 2008 and constantly improving its scope in tandem with support from socially conscious businesses. Monbat Economic Group supported this tournament, which is important not just for children, as a general sponsor because it liked the idea behind the program and the theme of sustainability.

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Following its strategy to actively participate in areas of great value for society and in line with its sustainability engagement, Monbat Economic Group supports the Tenth Anniversary International Medical Congress of The Southeast European Medical Forum, which takes place between the 05.09-08.09.2019 in Sofia. The event is among the largest international health forums, in which will participate worldwide eminent specialists from over 20 countries in Europе.

More than 500 participants attended the Balkan Congress of Endovascular Surgery between November 29 – December 01, 2019. Medical specialists from South-East Europe, Russia and ex-Russian countries gather during the conference, which combines lectures of significant scientific content with unique practice in life cases. Moreover, for medical students the forum’s entrance is free of charge.

With its support economic group Monbat establishes its position once again as a modern company, for which topics such as health, progress and science development rank high in the corporate values and principles


Monbat follows its strategy of supporting areas of great value for society, attaching particularly importance to science. Involvement in scientific projects, forums and seminars is an invaluable business contribution because it enables the development of research potential.

In 2015, Monbat donated equipment to the newly reconstructed laboratory of theoretical electro-technics at Rousse University. The laboratory is part of the department of Theoretical and Measuring Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Electronics and Automation. Monbat reconstructed the laboratory and also provided new equipment.
The official ceremony marking the opening of the new facility took place on May 11, 2017 at Rousse University. It was attended by Monbat’s official representatives, as well as academic and faculty staff.

media coverage (available only in Bulgarian only) 

In 2018 Monbat supported the 27th expedition to Antarctica by providing rechargeable batteries for the Bulgarian base on Livingstone Island. The batteries will provide 70-80% of the energy needs of the base per day. The equipment with solar and warm water collectors, wind turbines, and, now, new rechargeable batteries make the Bulgarian base avant-garde in energy terms.
Monbat’s batteries, which are being installed this season, have been developed specifically for work in extreme conditions. This donation is a contribution not only to the scientific base but also to the whole scientific program because once the energy problem is addressed, all remaining funds can be devoted exclusively to science. This makes the support of business invaluable.
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an interview with Prof. Pimpirev, head of the Bulgarian Antarctic Base for the broadcast of Nova TV Plus Minus
In 2011 Monbat donated batteries for the first time to facilitate the operation of four wind generators that power the Bulgarian Antarctic base “St. Kliment Ohridski” on Livingston Island.
The laboratory and communication equipment at the base require power in order for Bulgarian scientists to carry out their research projects, measuring, storing and transmitting data. Monbat was able to support Bulgaria’s scientific sphere in its key competence – to provide a reliable and outperforming source of power.

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The International Scientific Conference Communications, Electrical Equipment and Transportation Informatics – KEIT 2018 was held between 28th and 30th September with the support of Monbat.

The plenary session included more than 70 participants from the country and abroad. More than 50 reports were presented, distributed in four scientific sections, such as power systems and transport facilities; electronics and automation; communication, security and automation systems in transport; guidelines and innovations in transport education.

Radoslav Andreev, product and technology manager, Reserved Power Division of Monbat, presented the topic of High-temperature Lead Acid Batteries, Series HVR of Monbat as part of the scientific program of the conference. The presentation embraced the overall production of stationary batteries by Monbat, which is a leading manufacturer in the field and a proven supplier for various industries in more than 60 countries.

Business Environment

Monbat actively supports efforts to improve the business climate, in line with the economic group’s policy of building and sustaining a successful and enduring market presence. Monbat’s understanding of sustainability is integrated within the company’s structure and follows corporate values, notably the drive to excel and do so with agility, quality and integrity. In line with these principles, Monbat cooperates with different organizations in a bid to enhance a sustainable business environment and amplify good practices and partnership in the professional world.

As a modern company, which abides by those business values that promote integrity and globalization, economic group Monbat supports the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB). The organization’s overriding goal is to improve the business climate in the country, as well as to raise the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy. This is of utmost importance in order to ensure that Bulgarian companies are successful both on local and international markets. That is why the economic group supports the Annual ball of the Confederation of the Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria, which acknowledges the best, the most innovative and fastest growing companies in Bulgaria

Monbat is a member of The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria (AmCham) and as such has the opportunity to actively participate in public discussions concerning important economic, environmental and social issues, and ultimately to contribute to the best practices in the country. In 2017 the economic group supports the Independence Day Celebration, as part of the stable business relations between the countries. 

In 2018 Monbat supports the Fifth Edition of the Awards of the Association of industrial capital In Bulgaria. The Association presents annually its Business to the Rules Awards to the best companies in different sectors. As a responsible enterprise, Monbat believes that honest and transparent business relations are an immutable pillar of Bulgaria’s economic progress in order to facilitate increased investment by local and international capital.

Monbat is supporting the 18th Ball of the German Economics, organized by German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The event aims to strengthen German-Bulgarian relations and raise funds for different charitable causes.

Monbat Economic Group supported the annual gathering of the financial community organized by Investor Media Group in 2019. The event provoked with its motto “Alchemy of the taste” and marked a successful year of business practices, benchmarks stories and economic trends shared by Investor. 

Acknowledging the importance of trustful and reliable dialogue between the business and society, Monbat values the open and sustainable relations within the financial community in the country and contributes to its development with its corporate policy, acting as a corporate citizen and taking the responsibility for being a good role model. 

In line with its policy of developing the sustainability of the business environment, Monbat supported the Tenth Round Table in November 2019, organized by the National Commission of Corporate Management. The topic of the event was “Corporate management – building sustainable practices or a burden of regulations?”

Experts discussed the different perspectives of the main participants in the process – regulation organs, state institutions and representatives of the capital market.

Daniela Peeva, IR director of Monbat AD, opened the event, stating: 

The popularization of the National Corporate Governance Code is of utmost importance in order to forge a successful dialogue between the parties involved. And the main target of the National Commission of Corporate Management is to oversee the unity between business, the state and all stakeholders.

Monbat Economic Group, listed as a public sector company, apart from applying the National Corporate Governance Code, also applies the following corporate governance practices: Recommendations of the UN Global Compact.