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Monbat Group provides a wide range of battery products and solutions for a variety of end-market applications

Public Transportation
Public Transportation
Renewable sources
Renewable sources


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The lead acid battery business focuses on the production of lead-acid automotive and stationary batteries and their servicing. The products in this segment can be divided into the following main groups:

  • starter batteries
  • stationary batteries
  • deep cycle batteries
  • special batteries
  • locomotives batteries
  • leisure batteries


RECYCLING contacts

The division operates in recycling and trading activities of

  • lead acid scrap batteries
  • lead alloys
  • polyethylene and polypropylene materials

Recycling facilities are located in Bulgaria as well as in Italy, Romania and Serbia.



The lithium-Ion business segment operates under the EAS brand and provides cells and systems based on safe and proven LFP chemistry. The adopted cylindrical cells technology and the modular-based packing approach of the battery and systems allows EAS to maintain its attractive product range of High Power (HP) batteries for selected industries such as:

  • public transport
  • commercial fleet
  • construction machines
  • marine
  • harbour
  • and airport operations

CSR Reporting

Monbat’s business is built on the basis of responsibility and transparency towards all stakeholders.

Monbat regularly discloses non-financial information as well in relation to the Corporate social responsibility policy adopted by the Board of Directors. The Company annually reports to the Global Compact presenting a Communication on Progress by the end of March on account of the previous year.

Monbat has developed the following documents:

The Monbat policy towards stakeholders is in compliance with the existing laws and is based on the principles of transparency, accountability and business ethics.
The Code of Ethics influences positively the implementation of the corporate values in the daily operation of the group. Its guiding principles are actively promoted by the management and their expression can be found in the whole communication and presentations of Monbat such as investor communication, human capital management, marketing materials, sales negotiation process, anti-corruption activities, media relation, internal policies, and informal communication.
The Board of Directors encourages co-operation between the group and its stakeholders, providing regular information on its activities, financial standing and its decision-making process. All interested parties are welcome to provide feedback or propose further sustainability-related activities through the official contacts of the group or directly to the members of the Sustainability Committee.

National Corporate Governance Code

Monbat complies as appropriate with the National Corporate Governance Code and operates in full compliance with the principles and provisions of the Code.
The activities of the Board of Directors of Monbat were implemented in full compliance with the regulatory requirements set out in the Law on Public Offering of Securities and the respective implementing by-laws, in its Articles of Association and the National Corporate Governance Code.
The corporate Board of Monbat considers that there are no parts of the National Corporate Governance Code with which the company does not comply.
The National Corporate Governance Code is being applied subject to the “comply or explain” principle.
This means that the company complies with the Code and in case of any deviation its corporate board should explain its reasons.

The Corporate Board

The Corporate board ensures effective interaction with the company’s stakeholders. This category includes certain interested parties who are directly influenced by the company and who are in a position to influence the company themselves.
In the Corporate Governance Declaration Monbat identifies as stakeholders, interested in its activities, all persons/entities that are promoting the economic prosperity of the company: customers, workers and employees, creditors, suppliers and other contracting parties, local community and other interested parties.
Monbat regularly discloses non-financial information as well in relation to the corporate social responsibility policy adopted by the Board of Directors and it annually reports non-financial information in the Annual Audited report.
The company’s policy towards stakeholders is in compliance with the existing laws, based on principles of transparency, accountability and business ethics.